Setting up a new raspberry pi with raspbian

Download and Install

Download & install raspbian onto an SD card via the instructions here

Headless setup

Create a file called ssh inside the boot volume of the sd card.

touch /Volumes/boot/ssh

Note: You can also configure the boot config from osx before booting the pi. see the instructions here.

Unmount the sd card via osx and install the sd card into your pi, connect ethernet & power.

Find it's ip address, a quick nmap scan of your local network should show the pi & verify port 22 is open for ssh (if it isn't be sure you touched the ssh file in the right location).

ssh pi@

The default user is pi.
The default password is raspberry.

Finish configuring headless mode by freeing up ram from video and any other tweaks to the config file you'd like. See

sudo vi /boot/config.txt

Add gpu_mem=16 (16 is the min). You can also overclock & adjust voltage, however my Rpi lacks heatsinks so default all the way for me.

General setup

sudo raspi-config

Update to the lastest

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade

Set the correct timezone:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Add a VNC:

Configure pi-hole:

Check out Sway for a small GUI

Setting up a new raspberry pi with raspbian
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