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Ew, I'm using Bing... (API)

For those of you who personally know me, you'll find it surprising I'm actually touching a Micro$oft product. It may even give you a heart attack to read a positive blog post about them. But brace yourselves, here it is!

I found myself in a position where I needed to query a search api automatically to help me collect data. This is harder than it may seam. Sure I could battle google's bot detectors, but I'd rather find a more appropriate solution. Some discussion and google search led me to a free search API, called faroo. All you had to do was sign up here and they would send you an api key within 24 hours! Sounded too good to be true right? Right! After 3 registrations from different people and over a week's time, no api key... So off to google I went to find, well, google for a computer.

This brought me to Microsoft's Cognitive Services A plethora of API's, including a general search.

Besides the fact the dev key is very limited (5 second timeout between requests & 1,000 request limit per month), it is free, and frankly easy to use which is a surprise coming from Microsoft </troll>.

All in all Microsoft's API's are high quality and I haven't found anything better yet. The adventure continues as I continue my search for a search solution.


After using the service a hand full of times, my account was locked and now I must provide more personal information and agree to receive azure advertising messages to continue use... forget anything nice I might have implied above about Micro$oft.

Ew, I'm using Bing... (API)
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